DBW 570N

DBW 570N

Non EBS version for 28" + tire sizes. (* including some heavy 27" for mud applications).

polaris-570-pic-004Includes a new primary spring, a custom helix, and a new torsion secondary spring. Instructions include a "set up guide" including secondary spring adjustments for different tire sizes. This also includes settings for the stock secondary spring if you alternate to smaller 26" tires, etc.

* using a heavier secondary spring when not necessary can affect top speed.

The Standard Non-EBS version is well calibrated for stock 25" tires and no clutch re-calibration is necessary. The older adjustable torsion style secondary clutch allows for a bit of flexibility. For oversized tires in this application we have two different cost effective kits.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2014-2021 Polaris Sportsman 570 Standard (Non EBS)


Clutch Kits


DBW 570N

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Suggested list price :

CAD $259.00 / USD $229.00


Jan 2013

Additional Notes:

The Sportsman 570 is an impressive value model and is available in many different configurations. Not only power steering options and accessories, but also different versions of clutches. The standard Sportsman 570 has the earlier style non engine brake clutches. Some models are also available with EBS (engine braking). The EBS versions have a new, different secondary clutch, as well as a different primary. We offer different clutch tuning options based on model and application. Clutch kits improve bottom and mid acceleration, as well as improved backshifting of the belt when the vehicle comes under load. Clutch re-calibration helps recover much of the losses incurred from adding oversized tires, as well as improved belt life.

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