Optional secondary clutch spring for Kawasaki V-twin models.

A nice addition to the DK 750 BF clutch kit when using 28" and bigger tires in mud applications. Stiffer initial load rating means slower upshift, better belt grip and better low speed response in mud conditions with bigger tires. A slight loss in top speed can sometimes be associated.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

DPSS-AQ (Aqua)


Secondary Springs



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CAD $39.00 / USD $35.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

Kawasaki Secondary Springs

Kawasaki Secondary Springs Part # @2.5" @1.25"
Dalton Plain/Purple DPSS-P/PL 51 kg. 103 kg.
Dalton Aqua DPSS-AQ 61 kg. 112 kg.
Dalton Violet DPSS-V 51 kg. 120 kg.
Dalton Silver (Teryx only) DPSS-S 86 kg. 155 kg.
Stock secondary spring on
Prairie/ KFX 700 models (yellow)
  44 kg. 98 kg.
Stock secondary spring on the
BF 750 4x4 ATV model only (purple)
  36 kg. 111 kg.
Teryx Secondary Springs Part # @2.5" @1.375"
*Note different compressed load test height- Larger diameter & designed for larger, deeper spring cups on Teryx.      
Dalton Silver DPSS-S 86 kg. 150 kg.
Dalton Blue/Red DPSS-BL/R 95 Kg. 173 kg.
Stock Teryx Sec. Spring Stock 77 kg. 140 kg.


Note these secondary springs for Kawasaki models are load-rated in kilograms (kg).

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