Optional Dark Green Primary spring for Teryx clutch kit. Primary springs control many functions in controlling flyweight shifting,but one function that is primarily controlled by primary springs is engagement rpm The Dalton Teryx clutch kit is already supplied with the two optional primary springs that have different engagement rpms,and both have the required load ratings to work with the kit,and are the most popular. The new progressive wound dark green also has the required mid and fully compressed load ratings to work with this kit ,but with stock like engagement rpm. Maybe not as sporty for some,but a nice benefit for some who prefer very slow speed off camber rock crawling, etc.

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Product Specifications

Product Name:

Optional Dark Green Primary spring


Primary Springs



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Suggested list price :

CAD $33.00 / USD $30.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:


  Part # @2.5" @2.0" @1.25"
Dalton plain/white DPPS-P/W 10 lbs. 60 lbs. 114 lbs.
Dalton blue DPPS-BL 3 lbs 60 lbs. 155 lbs.
Dalton orange/blue DPPS-O/BL 25 lbs. 76 lbs. 167 lbs.
Dalton black/white DPPS-B/W 45 lbs. 82 lbs. 143 lbs.
Dalton black/orange DPPS-B/O 56 lbs. 91 lbs. 157 lbs.
Dalton Amber DPPS-AM 10 lbs. 73 lbs. 189 lbs.
Dalton Red/Yellow/Silver DPPS-R/Y/S 15 lbs. 90 lbs. 225 lbs.
Dalton Dark Green DPPS-DGN 3 lbs. 67lbs. 175 lbs.

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