Sportsman 570 EBS 28" + tires. (* and some heavy 27" tires for mud applications) - 2014-15, 2018-2020 only (2016-17 have different secondary clutch) – NOT for 2021 model.

Polaris Sportsman 570

Designed to correct the shift pattern for larger tires. It is physics...larger tires, the resulting gearing, and added rotating weight hurt acceleration. People who have tested tire sizes know that even a slightly larger or heavier tire hurts performance and speed. Proper clutch calibration can help recover much of that loss and improve belt grip and bottom end performance. This kit includes a new primary spring and the Quick Adjust flyweights and hardware, along with a different secondary spring. The instructions and "set up guide" include settings for all tire sizes and terrain.     

using a heavier secondary spring when not necessary can affect top speed.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

Sportsman 570 EBS 28" + tires - 2014-15,2018-2020 only (not for 2021)


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CAD $325.00 / USD $289.00


Jan 2013

Additional Notes:

For the engine braking versions, or EBS models, there are also different versions of calibration kits based on the tire size and application. Dalton kits for the EBS models include our patented "Quick Adjust" flyweight system. With these flyweights you can add or subtract mass from the flyweights without even removing the flyweights from the clutch. This means quick adjustments for fine tuning or quicker seasonal adjustments for tire sizes, etc. Kits come with a comprehensive "set up guide" for different applications.

This 570 version has different clutches than some other previous Polaris EBS "kits" previously offered for conversions. These clutch re-calibration packages are only for the factory EBS clutches (with TEAM secondary) that come on the 2014 570.

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