2012-2015 Kawasaki 750 Brute Force 4X4

DK750 B12
Suggested list price $69.00

2012,13 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4 - 26-28" Trail/Mud tires. (0-4000' elevation)

Developed to help recover losses from oversized tires.

For 2012 the 750 model comes with new factory flyweights in the drive clutch, and is well calibrated in stock for 25" and stock tires. This cost effective spring kit is a recalibration for use with 26-28" aftermarket tires. Improved throttle response, acceleration. There is no loss of top speed (other than what is sometimes already lost from the heavier tire itself)

* For 28" Extreme Mud tires and pure mud use, tires larger than 28", or high elevations with 26-28" tires use kit part number DK750 B12M.

2012-2015 Kawasaki 750 Brute Force 4X4

DK750 B12M
Suggested list price $359.00

2012,13 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4 - 28" Aggressive Mud Tire/Mud use and all 29.5" and larger tires only. This kit is also applicable for 26-28" aftermarket tires at high elevation (above 4000 ft) *

The 2012 BF 750 model has a different engine configuration than previous model years. This kit helps re-calibrate the shift pattern for best performance in mud, as well as the very large / heavy tire sizes. This kit includes Dalton's Quick Adjust cam arms that make the kit easy to adjust for different conditions. Although it is well known that heavy mud tires hurt performance, this clutch kit can help bring your ATV back to life. There are also settings included in this kit for the use of 26-28" tires for deep sand and high elevation. The "set up guide" for different tires/conditions is included in the instructions. One adjustable kit that covers a lot of different applications!

* If you are running typical aftermarket 26-28" tires for mixed use, and operate mostly at 0-4000 ft elevation you should use the kit part number DK750 B12.

Kawasaki Teryx RUV

Extensive field testing was completed on this vehicle with both stock and different tire sizes and applications,including testing with modified engines and racing applications such as CORR off-road series with a factory Kawasaki backed team. We also did field test typical bolt on modifications so that we have a good background on the machine and its uses.

...see more Teryx info on "ATV/UTV Racing"

Kawasaki 750 Teryx RUV (Not for Teryx 4 or 800 cc)

Suggested list price $395.00

Kit is designed specifically to fit the 2008-2013 750 Kawasaki Teryx RUV. This kit was developed to improve acceleration and back shift performance in a variety of conditions and also to help recover performance lost from installing large aggressive tires and mud conditions . Improved acceleration and back shifting under load . Also offers flexibility to tune your clutch to rider preference and conditions while still maintaining maximum belt grip. This kit uses Dalton's patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms" which allow you to add or subtract mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the weight from the clutch. This helps make for quick and easy adjustment for tire sizes, conditions, and changes in rpm requirements from internal engine mods, etc . Although the teryx is calibrated fairly well for the totally stock machine ,there is still improvement even to a stock machine. This kit is very adaptable to mods/changes you may do the vehicle in the future ,and you can adjust it to maximize the power delivery to the ground in many different changes/mods and situations. It is like having MANY clutch kits in one.

Comes with optional components and complete tuning and instruction manual to accurately set up your CVT system for stock tire, oversized tires, high elevation, or even modded engines.

The Teryx RUV is calibrated very different from the factory than the 4x4 atv models. It is a much heavier vehicle than a regular atv, it is often used with two persons on board, and loaded with more weight. This even required different final drive gearing and CVT clutch tuning from the factory . Even in stock form,it uses stock flyweights with a much different profile and curve, as well as the flyweight starting position different than found on ATV models. Through field testing, we found that when using any of our typical ATV clutch products (especially flyweights) that were applicable to prairie/Brute models we could do simple timed runs, etc. using these and get decent results in simple drags ,but belt heat was higher and not acceptable. We designed new flyweight for this application that is specific to this model that has its own new curvature , position of mass, and our "quick adjust" system . These flyweights were designed to work in conjunction with the new springs that were also developed for this model.

The stock secondary spring on the 750 Teryx is different than Prairie/Brute Force models .It is a larger diameter and uses different retaining cups and different load rating dimensions. We developed a new secondary spring that is diverse enough, when used in this kit, to cover many applications. Although it is well known that oversize tires DO hurt both acceleration and speed, This kit can help bring your Teryx back to life after putting on the aggressive mud tires.

New! Dalton's Teryx clutch kit is available right through Kawasaki ! (KMC-USA only) Available at your favorite Kawasaki dealer with the following part numbers:

Clutch Kit - Kawasaki part number K11001-403

Overdrive Clutch Cover - Kawsaki number K11001-404

Frequently asked question: Will this kit add top speed?

No,not alone. Clutch calibration components (flyweights,springs) control the "rate of shift of the belt" during the clutch phase. This vehicle has quite low final drive gearing,and the belt has gone all the way through it's shift phase(belt is as high as it can go in the primary/motor clutch) in a very short distance of a few hundred feet at wide open throttle. Once the belt is to the top of the primary, it is to the top. After the belt is fully shifted,the clutch components are not controlling speed or rpm.We do have a new version of our billet overdrive clutch cover that is specific to the teryx drive clutch. See part # DCC 102 below.

Frequently asked question: Is there a different or better drive belt I should use on this model ?

Although in some instances of snowmobile racing, etc., we will recommend a different particular belt compound or brand for certain specific applications,our testing and race programs have proven very distinctly that the factory belt is superior for this application.

DPPS-DGN (Dark Green)
Suggested list price $29.95

Optional Dark Green Primary spring for Teryx clutch kit. Primary springs control many functions in controlling flyweight shifting,but one function that is primarily controlled by primary springs is engagement rpm The Dalton Teryx clutch kit is already supplied with the two optional primary springs that have different engagement rpms,and both have the required load ratings to work with the kit,and are the most popular. The new progressive wound dark green also has the required mid and fully compressed load ratings to work with this kit ,but with stock like engagement rpm. Maybe not as sporty for some,but a nice benefit for some who prefer very slow speed off camber rock crawling, etc.

For more tuning options for Teryx see COMPONENTS page

Teryx 750 Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover

'08 Kawasaki Teryx RUV - Race applications(non engine brake*)

DCC 102
Suggested list price $199

The new Kawasaki Teryx RUV has a newer version and different drive clutch than any other or previous kawasaki atv models.Not only does this clutch require different (wider with different curvature) flyweights,but the shift dimensions are different as well. This new billet aluminum overdrive clutch cover was built specifically for this Teryx model,and allows more belt travel for increased top end speed.This component offers increase of 4-5 mph by simply bolting it on in place of the existing cover plate on a stock Teryx primary clutch.No machining or modification of the drive clutch is necessary and you can go back to stock at any time.

Premium billet aluminum construction and design offers increased strength, better cooling and lighter weight.

Our premium adjustable clutch kit (see part # DUV K750TX) can get you up to speed quicker and offer more accurate shift characteristics for different applications,but this O/D cover allows the belt to shift further which can allow more top speed,and a more rigid,cooler drive clutch. Together they are a great combination to get the best from any modified machine.

*This component is for race applications and contains no engine brake bearing and the KEBC system must be disabled.

New kits for 08 750 Brute Force EFI 4x4 !

The new Brute 750 has a new primary clutch with improved "wide bushing" design. The DaltonPro clutch kit for the newer model is available in two configurations based on the rider's application priority. Kits are interchangeable by adding or subtracting a spring. Both kits feature the same set of Dalton's patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms.

Ultimate Belt Grip Optional mass placement location for total grams means more accurate calibration for specific application.

Ultimate RPM Control The extreme flexibility of this kit makes it easy to adapt to different RPM requirements of big bore kits,
camshafts, altitude, etc.

Ultimate Adjustability DaltonPro Quick Adjust Cam Arm Flyweights are like having multiple sets of flyweights all in one
set! The quick adjust feature allows adding or subtracting grams in the threaded passage through the main body of the flyweight
while the weight is still in the drive clutch.

2008-2011 Brute Force 750 EFI 4x4

DK 750E
Suggested list price $349

For Stock or oversized tires to 27"
Adjustable for altitude and tire size

This kit is designed specifically to fit the new style drive clutch on the '08 750 Brute Force with the wide bushing. Improved acceleration and backshifting under load. Makes high range more useful at low speeds. Also offers flexibility to tune your clutch to rider preference and conditions. Two different primary springs are included to allow for preferred engagement RPM.

This kit incorporates the use of Dalton's patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms. This system allows adding or subtracting of the mass to the main body of the flyweights without removing the weights from the drive clutch. Quick adjust feature means you can have a preferred set up for stock tires, altitude, or oversized tires quicker if you ride under varying circumstances or change tire sizes. No puller is required for most typical flyweight gram changes, as the base weight stays in the clutch during gram adjustment. Baseline set ups are included for most typical situations. The stock secondary spring on the 750 Brute is different than Prairie models and is sufficient for most trail applications for this tire size range and does not effect top speed (although it is well known that oversize tires DO hurt both acceleration and speed, proper clutch recalibration can help recover from those losses). If you are running 28"or larger tires for mud application use part # DK 750 EBT or order optional secondary spring DPSS-AQ.

2008-2011 Brute Force 750 EFI 4x4

Suggested list price

28" and larger tires
(will not fit '05-'07 model years)

DK 750 EBT Designed for the new '08 750 Brute Force with the newer wide bushing drive clutch. This kit was developed to help recover losses incurred from installing large aggressive tires and mud conditions with 28" and larger sizes. Improved belt grip, throttle response, acceleration and backshifting under load helps low end power for the big tires in mud situations.

This kit uses the same patented Quick Adjust Cam Arm set as the kit for smaller tires sizes (DK 750 E) so the kits can be interchangeable by the use of the stock or supplied secondary spring.The use of the DaltonPro Quick Adjust weights (cam arms) means you can add or subtract mass in the flyweights while they remain in the drive clutch. Base line set up instructions are included for most common applications.

These kits are NOT for use on the Teryx utility vehicle. Do not
assume it is a similar application because of similar engine size. The
requirements of the cvt system are very different in that application.
These kits will NOT fit the 05-07 model year 750 Brute Force.

DaltonPro Tuner Kit

DK 6575 VT
Suggested list price $335

2003-07 (Not for 08 and up) Kawasaki V Twins
KFX 700, KVF, BF 650, 700, 750 cc

This is a fully flexible Kawasaki primary clutch tuning kit for experienced clutch tuners and those who like to tune to perfection for specific situations. Fits all 03-07 Kawasaki V-twin models. Uses factory curvature for gram comparison, but is adjustable from 54-60 grams. These adjustable flyweights feature Dalton’s patented “Quick-Adjust” system, which allows for adding and subtracting much of the weight without even removing the flyweight from the drive clutch. Kit also includes our most popular sport oriented Orange/Blue primary spring, although with this system you could make other spring combinations work to your liking. This is like having many clutch kits in one!

This DaltonPro “Tuner” Kit it is just that, for experienced cvt tuners, racers, or people who like to experiment and actually do field testing on their own. It does come with some basic CVT flyweight tuning theory and starting points for some applications, as well as a listing of some optional springs, etc., that are available. We do not offer case specific applications and detailed instructions for applications of this kit. If you are inexperienced with CVT’s and need help or suggestions, we do offer many case specific applications that are more focused on YOUR model and application.

If you are an expert racer/tuner you are going to love the tremendous flexibility of this kit!

05-07 Brute Force 750 4x4

DK 750BF
Suggested list price $277

For 05 07 models only

DK750 BF This sport-oriented clutch kit for the powerful Brute Force 4x4 offers improved acceleration and throttle response. Increased belt grip offers a more usable high range at lower speeds. This kit contains a "mass adjustable" flyweight system making it flexible for clutch tuning. The flyweights total mass and location of mass can be adjusted by means of removable rivets. Instructions are included, complete with a baseline setup for both stock and oversized tires.

Did you know?...

The BF 750 engine is a different configuration than previous
Prairie Models. The BF 750 has its own new stock secondary spring that is different (heavier) than what comes on Prairie versions.
The stock secondary spring on the BF 750 is sufficient for most
typical trail applications.

DPSS-AQ (Aqua)
Suggested list price

Optional secondary clutch spring for Kawasaki V-twin models.

A nice addition to the DK 750 BF clutch kit when using 28" and bigger tires in mud applications. Stiffer initial load rating means slower upshift, better belt grip and better low speed response in mud conditions with bigger tires. A slight loss in top speed can sometimes be associated,

DPSS-V (Violet)
Suggested list price

Optional secondary spring for Kawasaki V-twin models

This secondary spring option was
designed for use with some of today's super sized mud tires. Mud specific 30"-32" tires can be hard on many parts of an atv, including the belt and cvt system. This spring will lose top speed but will keep you in lower ratio in the thick gumbo mud.

Kawasaki Primary Springs

  Part # @2.5" @2.0" @1.25"
Dalton plain/white DPPS-P/W 10 lbs. 60 lbs. 114 lbs.
Dalton blue DPPS-BL 3 lbs 60 lbs. 155 lbs.
Dalton orange/blue DPPS-O/BL 25 lbs. 76 lbs. 167 lbs.
Dalton black/white DPPS-B/W 45 lbs. 82 lbs. 143 lbs.
Dalton black/orange DPPS-B/O 56 lbs. 91 lbs. 157 lbs.
Dalton Amber DPPS-AM 10 lbs. 73 lbs. 189 lbs.
Dalton Red/Yellow/Silver DPPS-R/Y/S 15 lbs. 90 lbs. 225 lbs.
Dalton Dark Green DPPS-DGN 3 lbs. 67lbs. 175 lbs.

Kawasaki Secondary Springs

Kawasaki Secondary Springs Part # @2.5" @1.25"
Dalton Plain/Purple
Suggested list price $41
51 kg.
103 kg.
Dalton Aqua
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-AQ 61 kg. 112 kg.
Dalton Violet
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-V 51 kg. 120 kg.
Dalton Silver (Teryx only)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-S 86 kg. 155 kg.
Stock secondary spring on
Prairie/ KFX 700 models (yellow)
  44 kg. 98 kg.
Stock secondary spring on the
BF 750 4x4 ATV model only (purple)
  36 kg. 111 kg.
Teryx Secondary Springs Part # @2.5" @1.375"
*Note different compressed load test height- Larger diameter & designed for larger, deeper spring cups on Teryx.
Dalton Silver DPSS-S 86 kg. 150 kg.
Dalton Blue/Red DPSS-BL/R 95 Kg. 173 kg.
Stock Teryx Sec. Spring Stock 77 kg. 140 kg.

Note these secondary springs for Kawasaki models
are load-rated in kilograms (kg).

The powerful Kawasaki 650 and 700 V-twin engine format is used in many ATV models: The Prairie 650 / 700 Prairies and 650
Brute Force models, the Suzuki Twin Peaks, and the Arctic Cat 650 V-2 4X4.

Similar engine design has made clutching somewhat similar, however, things like dry weight, tire size and weight, transmission
calibration and, in the case of the V-Force, different ignition and valve timing, have created slightly different required shift
characteristics. Our field testing has resulted in the following options:

Kawasaki 650/700 Prairie, Brute Force 650i Models

Stock, 0-2000' elevation, tires up to 26"

Suggested list price

This combination of a new, slightly heavier secondary spring and our plain/white primary spring has resulted in better belt grip and an increase in bottom and midrange throttle response and acceleration. Better belt life and improved backshifting for off trail situations have made this kit very popular. For use with 25"-26" tires.

Billet Clutch Covers for Kawasaki

Non Engine Brake

Suggested list price


This clutch Cover is CNC machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum and is hard anodized for a durable surface. It offers more strength, lighter weight, and better cooling for the Kawasaki KFX 700 V-Force drive clutch. It comes complete with bushing. Faster revs, better cooling, more belt travel, this component is most effective on modified machines with dual exhaust, etc. that operate at a higher RPM.

Oversized tires 27-28"

DKA 6570MT
Suggested list price

This kit combines our popular plain/purple secondary spring with a new primary spring that has slightly higher fully compressed load rating. This combination has proven most effective for the above applications. This kit is also the best choice for High Altitude applications.For more aggressive acceleration and higher engagement (race applications), some prefer to add our black/white spring Part #DPPS-B/W to the above 4x4 clutch kits.

Suggested list price

The optional orange/blue primary spring is sometimes used with the plain/purple secondary springs provided in the above kits for specific applications and rider preferences. It's slightly higher engagement than the Plain/white or the blue, and has a stronger fully compressed load rating. Some riders at higher elevations, and /or extreme mud tires prefer its characteristics. Use of this spring often results in a slight loss of top speed when used with stock tire sizes.

KFX 700 V-Force

Suggested list price

The DaltonPro V-Force clutch kit includes a new primary spring and our new billet steel flyweights specifically designed for the KFX 700 and offers increased acceleration and better belt life. Can be used for stock machines or with twin pipes. (When this kit is used on modified models with twin pipes, porting, etc, to increase hp, further gains can be achieved by adding our billet overdrive clutch cover, for race applications only. Part # DCC 101. (See clutch tuning.) Some racers prefer our new optional orange/blue primary spring (DPPS-O/BL) for sand and race applications.

Primary clutch pullers DCP-G. (All V twin models except Teryx) Required for proper belt removal on all V twin models. For 08 Teryx Utility Vehicle DCP-J (For Teryx only)

FAQ- How will a clutch kit affect top end speed?

North American Made

At Dalton Industries, we strive to source as many materials as possible from United Stated and Canadian sources. Machining is done in house and we make an extra effort to ensure as many fasteners,etc. as possible have origin in North America.

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