Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover - 08' Kawasaki Teryx RUV
Race applications(non engine brake*)

Suggested list price $199

The new Kawasaki Teryx RUV has a newer version and different drive clutch than any other or previous kawasaki atv models.Not only does this clutch require different (wider with different curvature) flyweights,but the shift dimensions are different as well. This new billet aluminum overdrive clutch cover was built specifically for this Teryx model,and allows more belt travel for increased top end speed.This component offers increase of 4-5 mph by simply bolting it on in place of the existing cover plate on a stock Teryx primary clutch.No machining or modification of the drive clutch is necessary and you can go back to stock at any time.

Premium billet aluminum construction and design offers increased strength,better cooling and lighter weight.

Our premium adjustable clutch kit (see part # DUV K750TX) can get you up to speed quicker and offer more accurate shift characteristics for different applications,but this O/D cover allows the belt to shift further which can allow more top speed,and a more rigid,cooler drive clutch.Together they are a great combination to get the best from any modified machine.

*This component is for race applications and contains no engine brake bearing and the KEBC system must be disabled.

Billet Overdrive Clutch Covers for Kawasaki

Non-Engine Brake

Suggested list price

This clutch Cover is CNC machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum and is hard anodized for a durable surface. It offers more strength, lighter weight, and better cooling for the Kawasaki KFX 700 V-Force drive clutch. It comes complete with bushing. Faster revs, better cooling, more belt travel, this component is most effective on modified machines with dual exhaust, etc. that operate at a higher rpm.

Replacement Bushing

Suggested list price

Replacement bushing for Dalton DCC 101 overdrive clutch cover. Can also be used to replace worn bushings on the factory drive clutch cover.

FAQ- Can the Dalton DCC-101 overdrive clutch cover be used on Prairie/ Brute Force models?

Although it would fit physically, this part was designed for race applications on the KFX 700 and is not intended for use with KEBC engine brake system. In fact, with stock hp and the tires often used in most 4x4 applications, there would be very little benefit from overdrive.

ATV Helixes- Polaris
Suggested list price $126

Billet aluminum stainless steel spline hub, hard anodized. You can have DaltonPro quality for your Polaris ATV.

  Polaris Polaris W/EBS Polaris W/EBS
SP600 & SP700

These helixes are common on many models, but not for use on some Polaris ATV models that use the TEAM style secondary clutch. Be sure to consult your dealer service manual.
DAP 38/34
DAP 40/34
DAP 40/36
DAP 40/38
DAP 42/36
DAP 42/38
DAP 42/40
DAP 44/38
DAP 44/40
DAP 44/36
DAP 46/36
DAP 46/40
DAP 46/42
DAP 48/40
DEP 38/34
DEP 38/35
DEP 39/35
DEP 40/35
DEP 40/36
DEP 40/38
DEP 42/36
DEP 42/38
DEP 46/40
DEP 38/34-7
DEP 38/35-7
DEP 40/35-7
DEP 40/36-7
DEP 42/36-7
DEP 46/40-7

Dalton ATV Primary Springs
Suggested list price $29.95

Dalton springs are made from the highest quality stock, stress relieved and shot peened for long lasting durability.

  Polaris and Kawasaki Part # @2.5" @2.0" @1.25"

Dalton Blue DPPS-BL 3 lbs 60 lbs. 155 lbs.
Dalton Dark Green DPPS-DGN 3 lbs. 67lbs. 175  lbs.
Dalton Plain/White
10 lbs.
60 lbs.
114 lbs.
Dalton Amber DPPS-AM 10 lbs. 73 lbs. 189 lbs.
Dalton Red/Yellow/Silver DPPS-R/Y/S 15 lbs. 90 lbs. 225 lbs.
Dalton Orange/Blue DPPS-O/BL 25 lbs. 76 lbs. 167 lbs.
Dalton Black/White DPPS-B/W 45 lbs. 82 lbs. 143 lbs.
Dalton Orange/Silver   DPPS-O/S 47 lbs 95 lbs 176 lbs
Dalton Black/Orange DPPS-B/O 56 lbs. 91 lbs. 157 lbs.
Dalton Lime/White  DPPS-L/W 80 lbs.   195 lbs.
Dalton Ivory DPPS-IV 90 lbs 185 lbs
Dalton Orange/Green DPPS-O/G   70 lbs 193 lbs
Dalton Black/Tan DPPS-B/T   61 lbs 210 lbs
Can-Am  Primary Springs   @2.5"     @1.25"
Dalton Black/Yellow
45 lbs.
  120 lbs.
  Dalton Yellow/Blue DPPS-Y/BL 45  lbs.   154 lbs.
  Dalton Tan DPPS-TN 55 lbs.   155 lbs.
  Dalton Green/Yellow DPPS-G/Y 67 lbs.   160 lbs.
  Dalton Green/Black/Silver DPPS-G/B/S 75 lbs.   169 lbs.
  Dalton Yellow/Red DPPS-Y/R 85 lbs.   165 lbs.


Note the above primary springs are load-rated in "lbs" as some of them are used for both Polaris and Kawasaki models.


  ATV Secondary Springs Part #      

  Suzuki Secondary springs        
Dalton Plain w/Yellow (Suzuki Vinson/Arctic Cat 500)
Suggested list price $56

Dalton Orange (Suzuki 700/750 King Quad/Arctic models w/ Suzuki engine only)
Suggested list price $56

*Note: Our DPSS-P/Y, and DPSS-O are Torsional springs with modified torsion tang locations, and because of this there are not load test listings. On a torsional spring, if the tang locations are not exactly the same as stock or others, the compression loads are irrelevant and the spring may have different characteristics.


Polaris ATV Secondary Springs   @2.5"   @ 1.25"
Dalton Black (Polaris EBS only) 
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-B 90  lbs   145 lbs
Dalton Grey/White (TEAM SEC/RZR)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-GY/W 88 lbs   165 lbs
Dalton Grey/Red (TEAM SEC/RZR)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-GY/R 96  lbs   190 lbs
Dalton Grey/Violet (TEAM SEC)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-GY/V 115  lbs   205 lbs
Dalton Grey/Orange (BOSS SEC)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-GY/O 90  lbs   175 lbs
Note: When comparing springs to OEM or other supppliers it is critical to be sure they are compared at the same load test height. If not compared at same compressed height the pressure is not relevant.
Yamaha ATV/RUV Secondary springs        
(Grizzly,Rhino models)
Suggested list price $41
     @ 3" @ 1,750"  
  Dalton Plain w/pink stripe DPSS-P/PK 172 285  
  Dalton Metallic Blue DPSS-M/BL 185 305  
  Dalton Metallic Red  DPSS-M/R 195 312  
  Can Am Secondary springs   @2.9" @1.96"  
  Can Am Green (400cc)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-GN 63 lbs. 75 lbs.  
  Can Am Bronze (500cc)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-BZ 85 lbs
105 lb
  Can Am Yellow/Black
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-Y/B 147 lbs
205 lb
  Can Am Black / Violet
Suggested list price
DPSS-B/V Torsion Spring
  Kawasaki Secondary Springs Part # @2.5"   @1.25"

  Dalton Plain/Purple
Suggested list price $41
51 kg.
  103 kg.
  Dalton Aqua
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-AQ 61 kg.   112 kg.
  Dalton Violet
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-V 51 kg.   120 kg.
  Dalton Silver (Teryx only)
Suggested list price $41
DPSS-S 86 kg.   155 kg.
  Stock secondary spring on
Prairie/ KFX 700 models (yellow)
  44 kg.   98 kg.
  Stock secondary spring on the
BF 750 4x4 ATV model only (purple)
  36 kg.   111 kg.
  Teryx Secondary Springs Part # @2.5"   @1.375"

  *Note different compressed load test height- Larger diameter & designed for larger, deeper spring cups on Teryx.
  Dalton Silver DPSS-S 86 kg.   150 kg.
  Dalton Blue/Red DPSS-BL/R 95 Kg.   173 kg.
  Stock Teryx Sec. Spring Stock 77 kg.   140 kg.
  Note these secondary springs for Kawasaki models
are load-rated in kilograms (kg).




ATV ClutchWeights (Polaris)

Suggested list price

DaltonPro DP90 series flyweights were designed specifically to fit the P-90 ATV type drive clutch. No washer or shims needed to maintain belt side clearance. Billet steel, heat-treated, they come complete with bushings for longer pin life. Available in gram increments 48g+

ATV ClutchWeights (Kawasaki)
Suggested list price

The DPK series of Dalton flyweights was designed to fit the Kawasaki ATV drive clutch. Better distribution of mass allows for excellent belt grip on the bottom end, while maintaining top rpm. Now available in more base gram increments. These weights are adjustable by use of mass rivets (DFR-Y). The DPK series does not fit the '08 BF 750 model or the Teryx utility. These models use a new improved drive clutch on the engine.

NEW !   
Dalton's Patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms"

Suggested list price $298

Designed for the new 08 Brute Force 750 EFI with the new style wide pin drive clutch. Our new QACA flyweights allow you to fine tune to perfect shift rpm for your specific application . Dalton's  "Quick Adjust" feature refers to being able to add or subtract weight from the main body of the flyweights without removing the flyweights from the clutch itself. There is also a rivet system to change the "zone" of the weight,but much of the gram mass can be adjusted with the threaded passage that can be adjusted without removal

For 08 and newer "wide pin" style drive clutch only, NOT for use on Teryx RUV as we have developed special weights for that application(see ATV Clutch Kits)

DPKA-1U (Teryx clutch kit weights)
Suggested list price

These are the quick adjust weights that come in our popular Teryx clutch kit, and are specifically designed for use with the springs, hardware and instruction manual provided in the DUV K750-TX clutch kit. The curvature, starting position,and location of mass on these weights is specific to the teryx model and offer great belt grip and flexibility.

Suggested list price

A new optional lighter base weight for high rpm racing Teryx applications.

For most Teryx applications, including some common big bore kits the weights that come in our teryx clutch kit are the best choice and offer plenty of flexibility. However, on some modified race engines that use very long duration race camshafts, and /or modified clutch sheave angles combined with race engines (like the CORR, Lucas series etc) that produce their hp peak at much higher rpms, these 1UR weights offer more flexible tuning. With Dalton's Patented "Quick Adjust" system you can add or subtract grams without even removing the flyweights from the drive clutch.

The DPKA-1UR Quick Adjust set is adjustable from 69.8-77g.

ATV Clutch Flyweights (Can-Am/ BRP)

Suggested list price (set of 4 )
Suggested list price (set of 3)

Built specifically for the Can-Am drive clutch. Each model application is considered independently during testing. We have various flyweight models for the Can-Am ATV's. Various curvatures, location of mass, and total mass make the flyweights often case specific. It's often wrongly assumed that flyweights are compared only by grams of total mass.

Clutch Pullers

DaltonPro Clutch Pullers are accurately machined from super tough 17-4 series stainless steel and heat-treated to our specifications.



Available Clutch
Puller Applications
Dalton Part # OEM Part #

Polaris  All Sportsman ATV (85-2014) except  850/550/1000 XP/scrambler 1000 and RZR models
Suggested list price $61.50

Polaris RZR XP 900/1000, RZR900 DCP-C  
Arctic Cat ATV 650
(V-twin model only)
Suggested list price $50.50

Kawasaki ATV models,
All 360,400, 650,700 and 750 automatics
1999 & up. Not Teryx.
Suggested list price $50.50
2008 Teryx Utility Vehicle
(For Teryx only)
Suggested list price $50.50 CAD /

Can Am Outlander ATV  models DCP-L  
Suggested list price $50.50
Polaris 08 and up  850/550XP and RZR 570/800 models. Scrambler/Sportsman 1000 ATV DCP-M 
Suggested list price $50.50

Flyweight Bushing Tool

Suggested list price


Flyweight Bushing Tool makes installation and removal of flyweight bushings easy. (Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha)

Flyweight Replacement Bushings

DRB-001 Replacement bushing for DP90 Polaris and Comet flyweights (set of 3)
Suggested list price


DRB-003 Replacement bushing for DPK/Kawasaki ATV flyweights (set of 4)
Suggested list price $59

DRB-003A Replacement bushing for new style DPKA series and factory wide series weights in '08 and newer 750 EFI and Teryx type (set of 4 wide)
Suggested list price $59

DRB-004 Replacement bushing for DBO flyweights (set of 4)
Suggested list price $40

DRB-005 Replacement bushings for DBO series (set of 3)
Suggested list price $30

Flyweight Rivets

These rivets are used to adjust the mass on OEM Yamaha snowmobile flyweights. They can also be used for,and are included in some of our kits for, Kawasaki and Can-Am ATV's to adjust total mass of the flyweights for applications.


Dalton Part #   Yamaha Part #

Suggested list price

3.6 g (long solid)
90261 06034-00
Suggested list price
3.1 g (solid) 90261 06019-00
Suggested list price
2.4 g (hollow) 90266 06002-00
Suggested list price
0.85 g (aluminum) 90266 06001-00
Suggested list price
4.2g  (x-long solid)  
Suggested list price
1.8g (silver/hollow)  


Digital Gram Scale

J 200 XV
Suggested list price

Many professional tuners of snowmobile and automatic ATV's use gram scales to achieve balanced total mass after adding or subtracting
flyweight grams. This durable, portable scale is a favorite proven performer with the following features:

  • 200 g capacity x 0.01 g increments
  • Stainless steel tray with lid
  • 4 key operation
  • Compact 3"x 4.75" size
  • Large red backlit display
  • Comes with calibration weight

Compression Spring Tester

Suggested list price

A Critical tool for serious clutch tuner. This compression spring tester can be mounted in any drill press, and used to compare engagement pre-load and full shift load at any specified height.

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