2012-2014 CAN-AM Outlander 1000, Renegade 1000 4X4 ATV models

DBO 1000 R Adjustable Kit
Suggested list price $249

Outlander 1000 - Stock and oversized tires.
Renegade 1000 - Oversized tires* (or stock size for sand use or high elevation)

* Renegade 1000 Stock Tire - for typical hard packed and mixed trail use at low elevation, the factory calibration has proven to work well for the stock tires.

The new 1000 Outlander and Renegade models from Can Am are powerful performers. We now offer a new adjustable clutch kit that was designed for this application. Improved bottom and mid performance and built in tuneability. Adjustable flyweights, and an included instruction manual and set up guide allows you to have one clutch kit that can be set up to optimize efficiency for different conditions and tire sizes. The set up guide includes tested set ups and applications for both Outlander and Renegade versions.When set up properly for your application there is no loss of top speed.

For 29.5"+ tire sizes also order part number DPSS-B/V Black/Violet secondary spring.

From Dirt Trax Magazine Vol. 14 No. 1

Seems like demand for large diameter mud tires is experiencing a resurgence despite this summer's dry conditions.Here's a tip we can pass on from the crew at Dirt Trax TV. If you've been following AJ in the trail tech shop you may have seen him installing a Dalton Pro clutch kit on our Can Am G-2 Outlander 1000 in conjunction with a ji-normous set of Silverback mud skins. The difference in performance with the kit and the tires versus the tires without the kit absolutely convinced us you should not buy one without the other.

Here is a link to the Dirt Trax TV trail tech episode

Can AM Commander UTV

Can Am Commander 2013/2014

DBC 1000-13
Suggested list price $249

Stock or oversized tires, adjustable kit.

The 2013 Commander uses a different secondary clutch than earlier models and thus requires different calibration. The same adjustability for terrain and conditions with a few differences. For the 2013 model, the stock secondary spring is best for most applications up to 28" tires. This kit contains adjustable mass lever arms, and the included instruction manual shows how to set up for most situations. Also within the instructions, there is a "clutching overview" which helps explain components, adjustments, the use of optional springs, and general tuning info for the model.

For 29.5" and larger tires add optional secondary spring DPSS-B/V Black/Violet.

Can-Am Commander
2011-2012 4X4 Side x Side 1000 X, XT

DBC 1000
Suggested list price

Stock or oversized tires,Adjustable kit.

Commander 1000 "OPTIONS" clutch kit.

This new clutch kit makes it possible to have one kit that suits a lot of different situations. Instead of having many different clutch kits for different tire sizes, terrain conditions, or to help compensate for high elevation power losses, this new kit covers a broad range of tuning challenges.You can tune for better belt grip and improved performance by using different combinations in the kit. A new set of adjustable flyweight lever arms were built for this application. There is a " set- up guide" included to optimize the CVT calibration for most common situations, and you even have a choice of engagement rpm for your preferred riding situations. Having options and tunability means you still have the correct kit if you change tires, do modifications, etc.

Also included in the instructions is a "General Overview of Model and CVT Tuning Guide" that may help clarify the way the system operates, the tuning components, and some basic clutch tuning for those unfamiliar.

Can-Am 800HO, 800R Outlander 4x4 2006-2014

2006-2014 for stock or oversized tires - Altitude adjustable.

DBO 800
Suggested list price

Improved bottom to mid range acceleration without sacrificing top speed. A new flyweight with a new curvature was designed specifically for this 800cc Outlander model. These new flyweights can be set up for different applications. You can set up this system for: improved acceleration with stock tires re-calibration to help recover losses from oversized tires, or to help control up shift at higher elevations. Baseline set up guide included for most common applications.

Frequently asked question: Is there a different or better drive belt I should use on this model ?

Although in some instances of snowmobile racing, etc., we will recommend a different particular belt compound or brand for certain specific applications,our testing and race programs have proven very distinctly that the factory belt is superior for this application.

Can-Am 800 Renegade

All Renegade 800 versions. Stock or oversized tires.

DBO 800 R
Suggested list price $249

The 800 Renegade is not only a lighter weight vehicle than the Outlander, it also has smaller stock tires and a different factory clutch calibration. The 800R kit for this model comes with the same base flyweights as the regular Outlander kit, but has different rivets, calibrations, and set up instructions for some of the tire sizes (25" and 26") tire sizes. To use the DBO 800 kit on a Renegade with Stock Tires( 25"), order the optional rivets part #DFRL-Y.

DFR Series Flyweight Rivets For information on available extra, or optional mass rivets for use in ATV applications, see the chart on components.

DaltonPro Mudrunner Kit

DBO 800 M
Suggested list price $289

2006-2014 800 Outlander / Renegade 4 X 4 - For 28" and larger competition mud tires ( adjustable kit.), also Outlander XMR version.

This kit is more focused on larger, extreme mud tires and heavy mud use. Includes our most popular primary spring and the yellow/black secondary, along with mass adjustment rivets and detailed instructions for flyweight set up for various mud tires and applications.

Use this kit for 800 XMR model!

For more detail on XMR click here.

Click Here for Installation Instructions!

This kit is only recomended for the described application. If you run lesser tires for trail use you will have much better CVT efficiency with the regular kits listed.

500 Can Am/BRP Outlander/Renegade

Suggested list price

The 500 Can /Am is calibrated quite well for stock tires at low elevation. This clutch kit was developed to help recover losses incurred from installing oversized tires on the Can/Am 500. This clutch re-calibration is a great improvement in acceleration and help with back shifting to proper ratio when under load conditions. Better belt grip for oversized tires. Improvement in throttle response brings performance back to acceptable levels after the addition of the heavier tires. This kit also works well to re calibrate the shift pattern for higher elevations ,even with stock tires. The new "baby V-twin" comes from factory with flyweights that are well suited to its application ,and re-calibrations are accomplished with the use of new springs. An optional engagement spacer for use with the stock primary spring ,and/or the provided primary spring depending on the application and tire sizes used ,and a new secondary spring that was developed specifically for this model. The use of this kit does not hurt top speed when used as instructed for the proper application.

FULL SHIFT ROLLERS by Dalton Industries

Suggested list price

Replacement rollers for BRP governor/ spider assembly on Can Am ATV, UTV, and Ski Doo E-Drive 2 (6 arm primary clutches).

The factory rollers in the primary drive clutch on most newer Can Am ATV's, UTV's, and on the E-Drive 2 clutch are now made from composite. Sometimes the factory rollers stick, causing the flyweight to make flat spots on one or more of the rollers. Flat spots and "sliding" is never as efficient for clutching as "rolling".

These replacement rollers are built from hardened steel and contain a new custom bushing that has excellent durability and longer life than some of the fibre type bushings in similar applications. These rollers can be used to replace older, worn metal versions, as well as the composite ones in the above applications. When the flyweights in the clutch can shift freely and roll, the result is improved clutch response, backshifting, belt life, and lasting performance.

2013-2015 Maverick 1000

DBM 1000
Suggested list price $259

Stock or oversized tires, adjustable kit

Click here to see the Dirttrax TV segment

The Maverick is a new level of performance in sport side x side vehicles. There are many new items on this vehicle. The engine is a more powerful version with higher HP from different engine configuration, and it makes more power in a different way. A new drive clutch uses different flyweights than previous models, and has some different features. This one clutch kit can be set up for different situations. Adjustable flyweights and a instruction manual with a full set up guide for different tire sizes, elevations, etc. is included.

On the Maverick 1000, order optional Black/Violet (part# DPSS-B/V) secondary spring when using:

  • 28" Extreme Mud tires (Outlaws, Silverbacks), or any 28" tire at high elevations (over 4000').
  • with any tire 29.5"and larger

Dalton Black / Violet

Optional Dalton Secondary Clutch Spring- Can Am Outlander / Renegade 1000, 29.5" + Tires.

Suggested list price $41

This optional secondary spring is designed for use with the Dalton clutch kits for the 1000 cc Outlander, Renegade, 2013 Commander, and Maverick Can Am models only when called for in each set up guide. It is most often used with extreme mud tires of 29.5" and larger, see each specific instructions and description.

This spring a torsion/compression spring and is specific to the models described.

FAQ : "I have a 1000 Outlander. "I'm a quite heavy trail rider and do some mud with typical aftermarket 27-28" tires, and I plow snow in winter. I like the best I can get, and more parts is usually better should I add this secondary spring ?"

ANSWER : No. For the gearing associated with 29.5" and larger tires this spring is a definate plus, however, it is not always that more is better. The regular DBO 1000R clutch kit and the stock secondary spring, set up as the instructions say, is more efficient and the best for your application. There are a couple of instances, like when using extreme mud 28" tires on that model AND often carrying 2 persons, or using extreme 28's at high elevation it can help, but for most instances with 28" it is best with the stock secondary spring. Our kits and components have descriptions based on our test results.

Can-Am/BRP 650 Outlander 4x4

DBO 650
Suggested list price

This new clutch recalibration for the CAN-AM 650 Outlander 4x4 offers flexible tuning options for stock or oversized tires and high elevations. Improved acceleration, throttle response and backshifting with no loss of top speed when set up properly for your application.This kit uses a different adjustable base weight than the 800 cc kits.

Notes: The Green/Yellow primary spring supplied is the most popular, however, other options are available, see below. If using Extreme Mud competition tires 28" and larger use addition of Yellow /Black secondary spring (see info on this page), and often more flyweight mass is added. Contact us for more tech info . 

Our DBO 650 kit used by the Warnert Racing Factory Can-Am team in their successful 2007 WPSA Series.

Can-Am/ BRP Outlander 400

03 & up 400HO 4x4, 0 - 3000' elevation, stock or oversized tires

DBO 400
Suggested list price

Improved acceleration, belt grip; low speed throttle response & pull in the mid-range with no loss of top speed. This kit includes adjustable engagement (stall speed) RPM and the flyweights (levers) can be set up for stock or oversized tires.

Our popular clutch kits for the Can Am Outlander/Renegade 800's now have even more optional tuning accessories!

Suggested list price

Optional primary spring for DBO 650, DBO 800 & DBO 800R clutch kits

Our popular kits for Can- Am 650 and 800 models come with the Green/Yellow primary spring for maximum acceleration and backshifting. Tan primary spring still has the load rating required to work with the supplied adjustable flyweights in the kit, but has a lower engagement rpm. TAN has only slightly higher engagement than stock on the 650/800 models.

Can Am Outlander / Renegade models

Suggested list price

Optional Yellow/Blue primary for 650/800 Outlander /Renegade models.

This new progressive wound primary spring has similar to stock engagement rpm and still has sufficient load rating to function properly in the applications listed here. Different riders and applications mean different preferences. DPPS-Y/BL can be used as a low engagement option with the DBO650, DBO800, DBO800R, DBO800M clutch kits.

Suggested list price

Optional yellow /red Can Am primary spring

Yellow/Red primary spring part

This primary spring was designed for the competittion mud racers in 650/800cc applications with a higher engagement than the green/yellow that comes in the DBO800 kit and still has the required load rating to work with the adjustable flyweights in the DBO800 / DBO650 kits

Suggested list price

Yellow/Black secondary spring

For most applications the stock secondary spring on the 800's is preferable,but when using 28 and larger competittion mud tires this new optional secondary spring keeps low belt/clutch ratios better for the mud pits.

Can Am Primary Springs
Suggested list price

Can-Am  Primary Springs   @2.5"     @1.25"
Dalton Black/Yellow
45 lbs.
  120 lbs.
Dalton Yellow/Blue DPPS-Y/BL 45  lbs.   154 lbs.
Dalton Tan DPPS-TN 55 lbs.   155 lbs.
Dalton Green/Yellow DPPS-G/Y 67 lbs.   160 lbs.
Dalton Green/Black/Silver DPPS-G/B/S 75 lbs.   169 lbs.
Dalton Yellow/Red DPPS-Y/R 85 lbs.   165 lbs.
Can Am 1000 (atv) Stock 70 lbs   120 lbs
Can Am 1000 (Mav/Comm) Stock 75 lbs   137 lbs

Can Am Secondary Springs
Suggested list price

Can Am Secondary springs   @2.9" @1.96"
Dalton Green (400 cc)
DPSS-GN 63 lbs. 75 lbs.
Dalton Bronze (500 cc) DPSS-BZ 85 lbs
105 lbs
Dalton Yellow/Black
DPSS-Y/B 147 lbs
205 lbs
Dalton Black / Violet DPSS-B/V * torsion spring
Can-Am 800 Stock 135 lbs. 185 lbs.

Note: Torsion springs have many different characteristics, load comparisons can be  irrelevant.

FAQ- How will a clutch kit affect top end speed?

North American Made

At Dalton Industries, we strive to source as many materials as possible from United Stated and Canadian sources. Machining is done in house and we make an extra effort to ensure as many fasteners,etc. as possible have origin in North America.

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