C #/# P

C #/# P

PROGRESSIVE cut helixes for the 2005 ACT Drive. (tubular type)*

The regular helixes for ACT Drive from the factory, as well as our “C” listing are done with a distinct step style of cut, using a short duration first angle. Some drag racers prefer a full progressive curve. The following with this style of cut are designated by the prefix “C” and the suffix “P”.

Note: This is a tubular type helix for pre- 2006 ACT Drive models. When used on a later (2006-2011) version ACT diamond drive secondary it requires the use of the DHC-100 cover, or the cap and assembly parts from a 2005 Arctic Cat model.


Product Specifications

Product Name:

PROGRESSIVE cut helixes for the 2005 ACT Drive. (tubular type)*




C #/# P

For :

Arctic Cat

Suggested list price :

CAD $109.00 / USD $95.00


Apr 2015

Available Angles

  • C 36/34P
  • C 38/36P
  • C 40/32P
  • C 40/34P
  • C 40/36P
  • C 40/38P
  • C 42/30P
  • C 42/32P
  • C 42/36P
  • C 42/38P
  • C 42/40P
  • C 44/32P
  • C 44/34P
  • C 44/36P
  • C 44/38P
  • C 44/40P
  • C 44/41P
  • C 46/34P
  • C 46/36P
  • C 46/38P
  • C 46/40P
  • C 48/38P
  • C 48/42P
  • C 48/44P
  • C 50/36P
  • C 50/38P
  • C 50/40P
  • C 51/42P
  • C 52/38P
  • C 52/40P
  • C 52/42P
  • C 54/38P
  • C 54/40P
  • C 54/42P
  • C 54/44P
  • C 56/40P
  • C 56/42P
  • C 56/44P
  • C 58/38P
  • C 58/40P
  • C 58/42P
  • C 58/44P
  • C 60/40P

Note: Please choose your angle from the above list of pre-programmed angles. We no longer do special cuts or custom angles on this type of helix.